Party elects new President

Party President Cllr. Ted Tynan

Cllr Ted Tynan has been elected President of the Workers Party at a special on-line delegate conference held at the weekend.

More than two thirds of Party branches took part in the special conference called to elect a new Central Committee as well as a new Party President.
Councillor Tynan is a life long member of the Party and was first elected to Cork City Council in 2009.

Ted’s nomination  for the post of  Party President was endorsed unanimously by Party delegates from Dublin, Meath, Cork and from branches throughout Northern Ireland.

Speaking after the meeting Cllr Tynan said,

“I am humbled by the strength and the depth of support I have received and extend my sincere thanks to all those Party members and branches for placing  their trust in me. I will not let them down”.

” These are particularly difficult times for working people and their families. In addition to the problems of the ongoing pandemic we are faced with major political, social and  economic assaults on the lives and livelihoods of working people throughout this country. As we have seen recently we are also faced with a rising tide of British and Irish nationalism and all the misery, false dawns and suffering that that inflicts”.

“It has never been more important than it is now to have a vibrant, confident and committed party of the working class. Developing and delivering that objective is the task we have set ourselves.  There will be setbacks and many will seek to divert and dilute our struggle, but we will succeed and we will transform this society. We will overcome the exploitation, profiteering and plundering by the capitalist system and build a socialist society run by and in the sole interests of the working class”.

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