Venezuelan progressives face obstruction and aggression

Important and significant elections for the working class of Venezuela take place today against a backdrop of obstruction and censorship against the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) and the Popular Revolutionary Alternative (APR).

Amongst other measures designed to silence and disadvantage Venezuela’s progressive forces the PCV has been prevented from advertising in public and on private television channels and radio stations. Nor has there been a response to the Party’s request to pay for space to transmit their election message.

Coups, blockades and puppets

Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution has faced many attempts to reverse the gains of the Hugo Chavez led revolution from as far back as 1998. They include a United States sponsored coup, an economic blockade and attempts to foist the USA’s puppet, Juan Guaidó, on the Venezuelan people.

The Workers Party continues to support the independence and territorial integrity of Venezuela and demands an end to the interference and aggression against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The Workers Party wishes the PCV and the APR success in today’s elections and applauds their efforts to overcome the aggression and obstruction they and their supporters have had to face and for their continuing commitment to class struggle and the pursuit of a radically different social, economic and political system where the capitalist system is abolished and where the working class controls its own destiny.

See Party message of solidarity in full below:

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