75th Anniversary of the defeat of fascism

Red Army soldier Meilton Kantaria raising the Soviet flag over the Reichstag
in Berlin in 1945

This weekend marks the 75th anniversary of the defeat of fascism in Europe.

Peace came to Europe in May 1945 – but at great cost. The Soviet Union played a decisive role in that struggle and sustained the biggest losses. Twenty million citizens of the Soviet Union were killed; 25 million lost their homes; 1,700 cities, 70,000 villages and 31,850 industrial enterprises were destroyed.

The Soviet Union, the Red Army, under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and the communist partisans and resistance fighters of Europe were instrumental in securing that defeat, demonstrating the meaning of socialist internationalism.

The Workers Party salutes the Great Anti-Fascist Victory and the memory of the men and women from all countries, who fought and died in the fight against fascism. They shall not be forgotten.

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