VI Lenin: 150th anniversary of his birth

Lenin’s ideas transformed the world

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the great revolutionary and theorist of scientific socialism – an event which is being celebrated across the world.

Lenin translated the theory of socialism into practice.

He and his Bolshevik Party led the working class to power and in so doing founded the first workers’ state. creating unprecedented economic, social and political achievements for the working class.

Lenin’s ideas, brought to fruition in the October Revolution, transformed the world. The October Revolution constituted a decisive break with the old world order, abolished private ownership of the means of production and laid the basis for the political, social and economic liberation of humankind.

As internationalists, together with our comrades in the international communist and workers’ parties, we proudly celebrate this anniversary, we acknowledge and defend the great contribution of Lenin’s ideas and works to the international movement and we commit ourselves to the achievement of workers’ power and the building of a socialist society.

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