Solidarity with frontline workers across the world

Workers providing essential services which are keeping our society functioning at this critical time are also being put at serious risk through the lack of personal protection equipment and social distancing measures.

In supermarkets, shops, offices and warehouses workers are placing themselves on the frontline to serve their customers and provide the essentials for everyday life.

These workers also have lives and families. They are facing the same difficulties and uncertainties as everyone else.

Supermarket workers are exposed daily to hundreds of customers and to potential carriers of the virus with little or no protection. Their employers meanwhile are amassing huge profits.

Last Wednesday, workers across Greece, organised by PAME – the co-ordinating body of trade unions in Greece – held a National Day of Action in support of these workers.

The Workers Party sends its best wishes and solidarity to PAME and to our fellow workers in Greece and across the world.  

See the PAME statement in full below

The negative role of SYRIZA In the Trade Union Movement of Greece ...
Coordinating body of trade unions in Greece

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