The best way to honour integrated education is to implement it

The Assembly has deliberately sidetracked integrated education

Gemma Weir, Workers Party representative in North Belfast and former Hazelwood integrated College  pupil, has congratulated The Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education and the Integrated Education Fund  on the news that they may be in the running for a Nobel Prize for their work.


“Formal recognition and commendation of the work of both these bodies, and the whole integrated schools network across Northern Ireland, is long overdue”, Gemma said.”I hope that this accolade, should it be awarded. will help to re-focus attention on the purpose and necessity of integrated education in Northern Ireland and on the urgency to progress its full implementation”, she said

“The work of both these bodies and of the parents, staff and pupils across the integrated sector over the years has helped to keep the movement alive. This is in sharp contrast to the  work of the Assembly which has abdicated its statutory responsibility to assist in the  implementation of integrated education , has sought to thwart its development and has deliberately and cynically diluted the concept with the false notion of ‘shared education’


“I wish the entire integrated education movement well and hope that should this award come to pass that it serves to redouble the efforts of all of us who believe in and understand the value and necessity of a fully funded, government driven integrated education system in Northern Ireland”, Gemma concluded.

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