Outstanding Holiday Pay

Workers have always had to fight for their rights.
Nothing was handed to them on a plate

The recent decision by the Court of Appeal which upheld an earlier finding that thousands of PSNI officers and civilian staff are entitled to holiday back pay going back over 20 years, has implications for workers right across Northern Ireland

Should workers entitled to holiday back pay now receive that money? In a word ‘Yes’. Everyone has an entitlement to be paid for their work and to have their terms and conditions of employment honoured.

This is all the more important because this is not an isolated case of workers rights being eroded or ignored.

It comes against a backdrop of zero hours contracts, 51 week employment periods, struggles to secure even a minimum wage, unpaid internships, no pay trial shifts and a host of other dubious employment practices.

Contrast that economic culture with the immediate and unquestioning bail out of banks and other financial institutions to the tune of £955 billion. 

This is not a level playing field and we are not all in this together.

Find out more: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-48704942

1 thought on “Outstanding Holiday Pay

  1. As far as I am aware,workers only get paid holiday pay on thier basic salary,but it seems like workers are treated differently,as the P.S.N.I.and civill servants are looking for it to be applied to overtime

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