Northern Ireland Progressive Women’s Forum launched

The inaugural meeting of the Northern Ireland Progressive Women’s Forum

Members of the Workers Party’s Women’s Committee have attended the inaugural meeting of the Northern Ireland Progressive Women’s Forum – launched on Monday to coincide with International Women’s Day later this week.

The Forum will provide a left wing platform for the discussion and advancement of women’s issues – in particular working class women’s issues.

The time is always right for a socialist critique of social, economic and political issues affecting women in Northern Ireland, but maybe no more so than at the moment.

The demand for free, safe and legal abortion remains a high priority, zero hours contracts, part time employment and participation in the political process by progressive women are all issues affecting women in real terms.

Party members have also been involved with the steering group which organised the Forum’s initial meeting. The meeting endorsed a set of aims and objectives and that work will now be built on over the coming months with the adoption of a formal programme of work.

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