Supporters know the score

Time to end this culture of disrespect and contempt – Gemma Weir

North Belfast Reds Cliftonville Supporters Club‘ has been praised by Workers Party representative Gemma Weir for  its response to the conviction of Jay Donnelly on charges of  distributing an indecent image of a child.

“The supporters club as got it absolutely right”, Gemma said. ” This case revolves around a 16 year old girl and what the judge described as ‘a gross invasion of privacy’. This young girl is a victim  and that needs to be recognised without equivocation”

“The statement made by the Reds Supporters Club correctly addresses the core issues  relating to the offence which has been committed and is in stark contrast to the comments made by the Board of Cliftonville FC which fails to even mention the young girl and the ordeal which she has been subjected to by one of its players”.

” It is as regrettable as it is unbelievable that some people need to be educated about how to treat other human beings with respect: but that appears to be the case. 

“Congratulations to the Cliftonville Supporters Club for tackling this issue head on and for telling it like it is. Hopefully their stance will help to change this culture of disrespect and contempt, particularly for girls and young women”, said Gemma

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