Drugs: ‘playing catch up is not enough’


Chris Bailie (left) speaking to NVTV about the drugs problem in North Belfast

Speaking after recording an interview with local TV channel NVTV Chris Bailie of the Workers Party said that drugs are ruining lives and ruining communities.

“The drug problem always seems to be several steps ahead of the attempts to address it. Playing catch up is not enough and the gap between the problem and the responses seems to be getting bigger”

Long term investment                                                                                               “Drug and substance abuse are caused by many factors and we can’t just ignore the need for long term investment in areas like North Belfast to help turn that around. Factors like social deprivation are more than a set of statistics – they have  real consequences for real people, and ‘escaping’ into a world of drugs is just one of them”.

“I fully support those who recognise that many young people trapped in a cycle of addiction  need help and that they need it urgently. We need a number of local initiatives to reach out to them and provide the support, guidance and help that so many of them desperately want. We need a much wider awareness of the extent of the problems caused by drug abuse – not just to the individuals involved but to their families and to the community.”.

RAPID scheme                                                                                                           The RAPID scheme (Remove All Prescription and Illegal Drugs) which provides a way of safely disposing of illegal and prescription drugs locally has been in existence for a number of years and is a positive scheme which I have no doubt has saved lives . Family and friends need to feel confident and supported in  taking drugs off the streets. That  is the right thing to do. “, Chris said

“The answers longer term lie in turning north Belfast around into a vibrant community with employment prospects, leisure opportunities and hope and prospects for young people. When we next hear about or witness the results of drug abuse we need to ask ourselves why our local politicians have not delivered the type of society where optimism has replaced despair.”, Chris concluded


The Drugs&Alcohol Coordination Team can provide information and guidance around drug and alcohol related issues and link people or organisations to sources of help and support



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