Clinton award “deeply offensive”

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Hillary Clinton has a long history of supporting US aggression across the globe 

“Serious questions must be asked about the decision by Queens University to award an honorary degree to Hillary Clinton”, the Workers Party has said

“Students, lecturers  and university staff have every right to call  University President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Greer and the Senate to account for this deeply offensive and sycophantic gesture”

The citation quotes  “exceptional public service in the USA and globally”as justification for her honorary degree. It is hard to believe that the  people of Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, Cuba, Venezuela, Libya and Serbia share that assessment”, the statement said

“It is shameful that an educational institution like Queen’s University seeks to associate itself with a US politician like Hilary Clinton: a hawkish reactionary and free-marketeer”,

“At a time of great poverty and inequality Clinton unflinchingly champions market economics and has a long history of support for aggressive interventions across the globe and for the expansion of NATO and its war machine,“ the Party statement concluded.

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