West Belfast is better than this

JoLO Homelessness

“We all need to work together on solutions rather than scapegoating those who are trying to make a difference”, Workers Party representative Joanne Lowry said in response to recent criticisms of the Welcome Centre at Townsend Street

“I understand perfectly the genuine concerns that local people have about drug addiction and the risks it can pose, but we also need to be concerned about homelessness, mental health issues, domestic violence and vulnerability”, said Joanne

Damaged society                                                                                                         “We live in a very damaged society which is often all too ready to write people off and throw them on the scrap heap. West Belfast ranks amongst the areas of highest social deprivation. That has been the case for decades and it is being made worse by the refusal of the main political parties to form a government.

“ It is crazy to pretend that cuts to public services, welfare reform,  a lack of affordable public housing and high levels of social deprivation will not result in the kind of problems we are witnessing on our streets”, Joanne said.

Political decisions                                                                                                       “It is even crazier to point the finger at, and lay the blame on, those organisations and groups that are trying to alleviate the distress and despair that those political decisions have caused.

“Be angry by all means but direct that anger at a system that devalues human beings and at the political parties which play along with that and which fail to represent the most vulnerable and needy in our community”, added Joanne

“I met this week with staff of  the Welcome drop-in centre  to talk about their work and the concerns of local residents”, said Joanne “I have nothing but praise for the difficult and often thankless work that they undertake. They need our support not our condemnation.

Caring and compassionate                                                                                     “West Belfast can be a caring and a compassionate community. We need to demonstrate that now more than ever and appreciate the complexities of the problems being faced. Organisations like the Welcome Organisation are worthy of our backing and our support for the challenging work that they do.

“Our justified anger should be directed at the political parties that have presided over the social decline that results in groups like the Welcome Organisation being needed”, Joanne concluded

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