Sectarian graffiti ‘sickening and cowardly’

sectarian graffiti

A sobering reminder of the levels of sectarianism in our society

Sectarian graffiti at new housing development in Glengormley has been condemned as “a sickening and cowardly attempt to intimidate people in dire housing need from applying for homes in the area”.

Workers Party representatives Gemma Weir and Chris Bailie called on all local political representatives to, “clearly and unequivocally state their opposition to this type of intimidation”.

“It is very important that we all openly affirm that public housing should be available  based solely on people’s needs and not be on their religion, ethnicity or political views” , the pair said

“This gangster style attempt to ‘claim’ areas for people of one religion or another is a sobering reminder of the levels of sectarianism in our society, added Gemma and Chris.

“Sectarianism is institutionalised in our structures of government and is played out repeatedly in our daily lives. Educational segregation enforced from a young age further divides communities, fosters mistrust and compounds division, difference and sectarian tensions in every part of Northern Ireland”.

“Sectarianism and sectarian intimidation are wrong. Anyone with information about this type of incident should immediately report it to the PSNI”, Chris and Gemma concluded.

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