Naked sectarianism in action

Derry riotng

A blatant and orchestrated orgy of sectarian violence

“There can be no excuses for the events in Derry over recent days. They are quite simply inexcusable”, the Workers Party has said.

What we have been witnessing is a blatant and orchestrated orgy of sectarian violence.

This cannot be diluted, dismissed or downgraded to ‘community tensions’ or ‘seasonal civil unrest’  as some commentators, media outlets and politicians have attempted to do.

This is an outright, planned and resourced sectarian assault on the Fountain area of the city and its residents. It is now also the  attempted murder of police officers.

Ultimately, it will be the united actions of the community which will overcome this bigoted onslaught and those who plan and perpetrate it.

This is not a time for pandering or platitudes. This is naked sectarianism in action. There are no excuses, there can be no compromises.

Anyone and everyone with any information about these  sectarian attacks or planned attacks should pass that information to the PSNI without delay.

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