Significant and emphatic YES!


Referendum result: a step towards becoming a truly secular republic, by removing the 8th from the constitution once and for all.”

The Workers Party in Northern Ireland has welcomed the outcome of the referendum in the Republic of Ireland and the resounding rejection of the 8th Amendment.

“This is a very significant and emphatic statement by the people of the Republic of Ireland”, Gemma Weir said.

“It is testament to the thousands of women and men who have never given up on this issue making sure that politicians have not been allowed to forget the thousands of women each year forced out of their own country to access basic healthcare.” said Gemma

Free, safe, legal and accessible                                                                               “It should now be translated into nothing short of free, safe, legal and accessible abortion services in the Republic and that momentum should be mirrored in Northern Ireland,” she added.

“Women have the right to control their own bodies, including their fertility, and to pursue all reproductive choices. This is a fundamental principle of gender equality”, Gemma said.

“Today’s referendum result signals a yet another major change in social attitudes in these islands.  That now needs to be reflected in Northern Ireland.

Quality care                                                                                                                  “We need to secure sufficient care, secular counselling and support for women who wish to continue to full term.

“For women who wish to terminate their pregnancy the Workers’ Party supports the provision of free, safe and accessible abortion in her own country which will include practical facilities to support women seeking an abortion and quality post-abortion care”, Gemma concluded

 Party statement on reproductive rights: Free, safe, legal and accessible

Workers Party Cllr. Eilis Ryan commenting on the outcome of the referendum

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