Soldarity with Palestine


Party members, supporters, banners and flags at the Palestine Solidarity rally

Workers Party members and supporters have taken to the streets of Belfast to participate in a massive demonstration of solidarity with the people of Palestine.

The focus of the demonstration was the recent Israeli atrocities which have claimed the lives of over 60 people and wounded thousands . It was also an opportunity to express support for the Great Return Home march which culminates on June 5th – the 51st anniversary of the illegal occupation of Gaza.

The Party’s International Secretary, Gerry Grainger, later briefed members on the current situation in Israel and Palestine calling for the expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador from Ireland and the UK, support for the  BDS boycott campaign, an end to the arming of  Israel, an end to the occupation , the demolition of the apartheid wall and support for the  Right to Return.

International statement in full here:

Solidarity with Palestine 19th May 2018



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