The media and May Day

May Day Collage
By Chris Bailie

Why is it that the local media choose to ignore the annual May Day march though Belfast city centre?

Last Saturday (May 5th) several thousand trade unionists, workers, political parties and numerous groups concerned with local people’s social and economic well being rallied behind the trade union call for ‘Better Work and  Better Lives’.

While people from across Northern Ireland demonstrated their resolve for a different and better life the most obvious absentee was the local media.

Why is it that May Day is being ignored and airbrushed from the public conversation?

Is it because one of the roles of the media is to protect us from reality?  Are we better off not mentioning unemployment, zero hours contracts, lack of child care, working people having to top up low incomes with benefits and firms paying less than the minimum wage?

Fortunately, the thousands of people who marched on May Day don’t think so.


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