Tackling The Crisis – the power of a united working class

Annual Northern Ireland Conference 2018


There is a collective crisis in Northern Ireland’s social, economic and political life.

For almost fifteen months there has been no Assembly, there is no sustainable and viable economic strategy and our health and education systems are barely able to cope.

Working class people continue to pay the price for capitalism’s financial crisis, women are denied their reproductive rights and conservative and reactionary voices continue to dominate the public debate.

There is an alarming lack of probity in government, and in its administration, and sectarianism is now a systemic cancer in almost every aspect of daily life.

How we tackle the collective crisis and how the power of a united working class can effect change and revolutionary transformation will be the theme of the Party’s annual Northern Ireland Conference next Saturday 24th March in the Wellington Park Hotel, 21 Malone Road Belfast BT9 6RU – 10.30am – 4pm

You are welcome to attend and participate


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