‘Disgraceful and contemptuous’


Sinn Fein’s response ‘disgraceful and contemptuous’

The Workers Party has branded the decision by the Sinn Fein leadership to ‘suspend’ its West Tyrone MP Barry McElduff as ‘disgraceful and contemptuous of the families of the Kingmills massacre victims’.

‘Sinn Fein has clearly demonstrated where its priorities lie. They are much more interested in going through the motions than in taking any firm stand  against the callous and insensitive actions of McElduff.’, the party said.

‘If he had any shred of decency or dignity he would resign, but given the cover he has received from his party leader Michelle O’Neill that is now highly unlikely.

South Belfast MLA Máirtín Ó Muilleoir, who retweeted McElduff’s video clip, should also hand in his resignation.

That is the only way in which anyone can have any confidence in believing that Sinn Fein’s public apologies are anything other than damage limitation measures’


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