‘Conversations about Choice’

Conversations about ChoiceWomen in Northern Ireland don’t have a right to abortion services. That right, available in England Scotland and Wales, continues to be denied to women in Northern Ireland by the major parties at Stormont. Quite simply they don’t trust women to make choices about their own fertility.

How do those who do trust women move that debate on? How do we counter the often vitriolic attacks of the right-wing, the moral hypocrisy of churches and the often misinformed opinions of ordinary people. How do we engage in the conversation about a woman’s right to choose?

That was the subject of a Party run workshop in Belfast earlier today. Group work, scenarios, mock media interviews and role plays helped to highlight many of the issues involved, present solutions to problems and identify techniques for engaging in informed and rational debate – even when that is not reciprocated.

The workshop preceded a Rally for Choice held in Belfast City centre – see above.

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