Health Inequalities remain the big issue

Heallth continuum

Health & social care must remain publicly funded and free at the point of delivery

Workers Party representatives have addressed  all five of today’s Health and Social Care Board Meetings in Belfast, Downpatrick, Craigavon, Derry and Ballymena.
Party representatives criticised the ‘shambolic and cynical way’ in which the Department of Health released an additional £40 million of funding just days after the end of a public consultation on cuts to services, saying ‘…it is either gross incompetence or cynical political manipulation to call for cuts to services while knowingly sitting on millions of pounds of available money’ .
They also attacked the privatisation of services and identified the eradication of health inequalities as a major priority

Principles                                                                                                               The Party’s statement to Trust Boards emphasised the need for health and social care to remain publicly funded and free at the point of delivery.  ‘These principles are far from safe and secure’ the statement said.

Health inequalities, most notably in working class communities, continue to be the biggest determinant of our health and well-being yet are largely ignored in health care planning.

‘We cannot continue to privatise community care and watch hospital admissions grow out of control, patients die on trolleys and the system go into melt down’.

Halting privatisation                                                                                         There must be an end to “creeping privatisation”, to the outsourcing of health services and jobs to the private sector. Vested interests, including the vested interests of private healthcare, must be confronted and challenged. The Workers Party believes that a properly funded health service designed to deliver quality health outcomes is central to a humane and decent society.

 Engagement                                                                                                     ‘There must be direct democratic engagement with working people, both as patients and users of the service as well as the workers who deliver the service and their trade union representatives’, the Party said.

‘This is the only way to develop a cohesive health and social care strategy, including community care, which tackles existing health inequalities and accords a proper level of funding to meet the needs of all citizens.

A Party delegation will also be addressing the Health and Social Care Board meeting on Tuesday 17th October



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