‘Integrated public housing the priority’, says Bailie

Chris Bailie

Hillview decision is wrong

Chris Bailie (Workers Party, Oldpark) has criticised the decision of the Council Planing Committee to grant permission for the  commercial  development of the  vacant  Hillview site on the Crumlin Road.

“This is not just a bad decision, it’s the wrong decision”, Chris said.

“This is the site of a failed retail development  – a failed retail development – yet the Planning Committee  gives the go ahead for more of the same”

“That in itself defies logic”, said  Chris, “but to do this in the face of an acute shortage of public housing is irrational and verging on the incompetent”

“The Hillview site should be re-zoned immediately for public housing, It should also be designated as an integrated development as part of the Housing Executive’s Good Relations Strategy.” argued Chris.

“This decision is not one taken in the interests of the people of North Belfast but rather of narrow sectional interests. Integrated public housing developments are the best way to address community need not fast food restaurants and car show rooms”, Chris concluded


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