Northern Ireland must have its own free, safe and legal abortion service

Pro woman pro choice

The major parties do not trust women

The Workers Party has welcomed the possibility that women from Northern Ireland may be able to access abortion services from the NHS in Scotland, but assert that this is no substitute for a locally based, free, safe and legal abortion service.

“Making abortion services available on the NHS in Scotland would undoubtedly remove much of the financial pressure and anxiety currently experienced by women from Northern Ireland who have to travel to private clinics in England and incur costs in excess of £2,000”, the party’s statement said.
“The fact that a neighbouring jurisdiction has had to make this offer in the light of the Supreme Court’s rejection of  entitlement to free abortion services on NHS England, is a damning indictment of the major political parties here”
“It is scandal that the Assembly refuses to act on this issue and a tragic irony that as ‘equality’ forms part of the new Assembly talks process, women’s equality is not even on the agenda.”
The five main parties at Stormont do not trust women. The Workers Party believes in a woman’s right to choose and supports the provision of free, safe and accessible abortion in her own country  including practical facilities to support women seeking an abortion and quality post-abortion care. 
“One of the first pieces of legislation to be enacted by a new Executive must be the enablement of  free, safe, legal and accessible abortion in Northern Ireland.”, the statement concluded

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