‘Threat lists’ no solution to drug problem – says Bailie


Community cooperation and partnership the only response

Workers Party representative Chris Bailie has condemned those involved in circulating lists of names of alleged drug dealers in north Belfast as ‘people who have no contribution to make, nothing to offer and only their own self importance to worry about.’

There is a serious drug problem in communities right across the city and beyond’, said Chris, ‘ but this type of behaviour does not bring us one step nearer to overcoming it’.

The so called ‘Communities Against Drugs’ group is as faceless as the dealers and the criminals they claim they are opposed to.

‘I welcome comments from some community organisations  distancing themselves from this ‘wild west’ style activity and fully support community led initiatives working in co-operation and partnership with the statutory and voluntary bodies’, Chris said.

‘This is the only way forward’, he added

‘I would call on anyone who has information about drug dealing to contact the PSNI and I am calling on those responsible for circulating this list to stop their activities immediately and to recognise the legitimate role of the wider community and other agencies in tackling the drug dealing scourge’, Chris concluded

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