‘What Really Matters?’ – Party launches Westminster Election Manifesto

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What Really Matters?

This election has been dominated by talk of pacts, inter-party deals and paper candidates. But for working class people – employed, unemployed, young people and pensioners – there are very real, pressing and systemic problems to be faced.

The major parties have sought to slug out yet another sectarian headcount, this time based on Brexit and the Border. The reality is that it is about neither.

What really matters to working people in Northern Ireland?

The Workers Party Westminster Election manifesto goes beyond the rhetoric, the political posturing and the tribalism of other parties to address the social and economic realities of life for ordinary people.

A better future is possible: one in which working people have real power over their own destinies and where their interests are paramount and supreme.

The Workers Party is committed to that alternative – to the construction of a socialist society.

What Really Matters – Westminster Election Manifesto 2017

Summary Workers Party Westminster Elections Manifesto


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