What really matters? – asks Campbell

Workers Party candidate Conor Campbell has called on local voters to think about what really matters to working class people in West Belfast.

Conor Campbell Workers Party Belfast West

Conor Campbell 

“This election has been dominated by talk of sectarian pacts, inter-party deals and paper candidates”, he said. The major parties have sought to turn the campaign into yet another sectarian headcount, this time based on Brexit and the Border. The reality is that it is about neither”, Conor said .

“Before we cast our votes on June 8th we need to  look beyond the political posturing and the electoral rhetoric and recognise that  daily life here is plagued by very real, pressing and systemic problems.  

  • 43% of children in West Belfast are growing up in poverty. That figure rises to almost 48% In the Colin Glen area
  • Local unemployment levels are running at almost 8%
  • Only 6% of Invest NI funding has come to West Belfast in the past three years
  • Nearly half of all local people over 16 are dependent of at least one form of benefit
  • A lower proportion of pupils from West Belfast, than elsewhere, go on to further education
“We can accept all this or we can ask why it has come about”, said Conor
“On June the 8th we have the opportunity to pass judgement on those who have served us so badly in the past
“Now more than ever, working class people  in West Belfast – employed, unemployed, young people and pensioners – need a Workers Party, committed to uniting workers to defend their own interests”, concluded Conor 

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