Party condemns Manchester terror attack

Police Respond To  An Incident At Manchester Arena

There can never be a justification for bombing, maiming and murdering innocent people

Workers Party candidates Conor Campbell (Belfast West) and Gemma Weir (Belfast North)  have contacted the Mayor Of Manchester Andy Burnham to express the Party’s outrage at last nights terrorist attack in the Manchester Arena and  to offer condolences to the families and friends of those who lost loved ones and to all those who were injured.

“There can never be a justification for bombing, maiming and murdering innocent people as they go about their work, take their leisure or go out for the evening. That applies equally to events in Manchester, Paris, Syria, Palestine, Israel, Libya, Afghanistan or the Yemen “, they said

“We are all too familiar with this type of attack on our own streets and we share the determination and resolve of the ordinary people of Manchester to stand firm and united and to refuse to let terrorists dictate how they live their lives”

The Party statement also praised all the emergency services for the professional and selfless way in which they responded to the terror attack and also to the many local people who opened their homes, their cabs, their facilities and put others .first in stark contrast to the those who planned this murderous terror attack.

“The coming days and weeks will be testing times for the people of Manchester and beyond”, Conor and Gemma said.

“It will be very important that the community unites in opposition to terror and is not turned against itself by those with divisive, racist or warmongering agendas. Manchester deserves and needs our undiluted support and solidarity”,Gemma and Conor concluded

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