North Belfast faces real problems – Weir

North Belfast

This constituency faces real and pressing problems

“In contrast to the political posturing and electoral rhetoric, the reality of life in north Belfast should be a wake up call for us all”, says  Workers Party  Gemma Weir.

“Nine areas of north Belfast feature in the top 10% of most deprived areas of Northern Ireland, almost 50% of over 16s rely on at least one form of benefit, nearly 36% of local children live in a low-income family and 8% of the adult population is officially unemployed”. Gemma said
“The election campaign in North Belfast has been dominated by talk of sectarian pacts, inter-party deals and paper candidates. For the voters of this constituency there are other real and pressing problems to face”.
“Life expectancy for local men and women is lower than the Northern Ireland average. We have the second highest rate of cancer deaths, alarmingly high levels of mental ill-health and the third highest levels of deaths from respiratory disease”
“This is the reality of life,and death, in North Belfast today. None if this is accidental or inevitable. It is what happens when flag waving, tribalism and  sectarianism dominant to the detriment of investment, development and progress”, Gemma said
“Working class people in north Belfast – employed, unemployed, young people and pensioners – need a Workers Party, committed to uniting workers to defend their own interests. June 8th is an opportunity to affirm that at the ballot box”, Gemma concluded.

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