Campbell welcomes Falls protest

Anti Social Behaviour protestWorkers Party candidate Conor Campbell has praised the Falls Residents Association and all those took part in last week’s protest against anti-social behaviour in the McDonnell Street area.

“This type of community initiative has to be welcomed”. Conor said.

“It is very important to deliver a strong and united message that this type of behavior is unacceptable and unwanted and to do it in a dignified but forceful manner”, he added .

“We all know that there is no quick fix to these issues”, said Conor.

“The Workers Party fully supports joint planning and cooperation between local communities and the full range of statutory and voluntary agencies as the way forward. It is also important that we work with, and hold to account, the PSNI on its approach to community policing”, Conor said

“Last week’s protest made it very clear that the best way to confront these problems is through a planned and considered community led response”, he said
“There is no room for paramilitary style ‘punishments’.

“They are not the answer – this community has enough problems. It doesn’t need any more.”, Conor concluded

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