Time to tackle domestic abuse’ – Weir

North Belfast had almost 3,000 domestic abuse incidents recorded last year – an increase of over 300 on the previous year’s figures.
Gemma Weir Workers Party Belfast North

Benefit cuts place even more pressure on women – Gemma Weir

Commenting on the PSNI report the Workers Party Gemma Weir said,
“These are truly frightening statistics. North Belfast now sits at the top of the domestic abuse table. That is not a record to be proud of”,  she said
“Domestic abuse incidents cover a range of offences but instances of violence against the person figure all too highly”, Gemma said.
“I think it is now time to formally include relationship guidance as a subject in schools. We cannot go on year after year witnessing increasing incidents of domestic abuse without taking some affirmative action”, she said
“I am also very concerned that cuts to housing and other benefits will make it even more difficult for some women to escape abusive relationships”, Gemma added.
 See: https://www.psni.police.uk/inside-psni/Statistics/domestic-abuse-statistics/

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