Extend the deadline – pressurise the parties

stormontThe Workers Party has condemned the failure of the DUP and Sinn Fein to form a new Executive.

In their approach to the talks both parties have once again been irresponsible, arrogant and contemptuous. The folly of re-electing them is now blatantly obvious.

There are issues to be addressed but they can and must be overcome.

For devolution to continue there needs to be a root and branch reform of the Assembly structures.

At a minimum we need to move on from mandatory coalition, abolish community designation requirements and reform the Petition of Concern ensuring that it can never used to veto social or equality issues.

While the Workers Party knows that the problem of inequality and exploitation must be tackled at its root by eradicating the current economic system and constructing a socialist society, many of the outstanding requirements of the Good Friday Agreement which have been deliberately set aside must be introduced if devolved government is to continue to function. 

These include a Bill of Rights, Integrated Education, an Anti-Poverty Strategy, a viable Economic Plan and a Job Creation Strategy.

The Secretary of State should now extend the talks deadline and those who voted for these parties should bring pressure to bear on them to form a functioning Executive.

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