Weir condemns north Belfast attack


‘These are yesterday’s men’ – Weir

Workers Party representative in North Belfast Gemma Weir tonight  condemned ‘without reservation’ the wounding of a PSNI officer in a gun attack on the Crumlin Road.

‘Let there be no ifs and  no buts about this type of activity.

This was the attempted murder of a police officer serving the local community. Those who shot him and those who assisted and supported them have nothing to offer to the people of north Belfast”, Gemma said.

‘This community has unambiguously rejected violence by an overwhelming majority yet there are still armed gangs who lurk in the shadows, disrupt the lives of residents and shoot people as they provide a service to the community’

“These are yesterday’s men’. she said.

Anyone with any information about tonight’s shooting should contact the PSNI. My thoughts are with the injured officer his colleagues and family’, Gemma said.

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