McGuinness resignation -‘irresponsibility on top of arrogance’


The DUP / Sinn Fein Coalition has consistently failed to deliver

The Workers Party has condemned as ‘irresponsible’ Sinn Fein’s decision to resign from the Executive and trigger an Assembly election.

‘Today’s resignation will  solve nothing. The RHI scandal will remain unaddressed, the waste of public money will continue, there will be no inquiry and the DUP will be let off the hook. This is  Sinn Fein irresponsibility on top of DUP arrogance’, the statement said.

‘The almost inevitable election which will  follow may prove to be one of the most polarised in recent history. The stage has been set for yet another sectarian headcount’.

‘Over the past ten years the DUP /Sinn Fein coalition has consistently failed to deliver for the people of Northern Ireland. Its stewardship has been characterised by a cycle of austerity, crisis, scandal and ineptitude’. 

‘Pressure must continue  for a full public inquiry into the RHI scandal – something Sinn Fein  is clearly keen to avoid. But beyond that  it is clear that the Assembly structures must now be reformed – mandatory coalition has institutionalised sectarianism, Petitions of Concern have been abused to block social policy  and key elements of the Good Friday Agreement including a Bill of Rights, Integrated Education and a Civic Forum have been deliberately and cynically sidelined by Sinn Fein and the DUP.

‘Only when all these issues have been addressed and the Assembly is made fit for purpose can we resume with a devolved administration’, the Party statement concluded

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