Complete ban on snares and snaring


A complete ban on the sale and use of snares

They inflict slow,  torturous and needless deaths on a range of animals including domestic cats and dogs. They are unnecessary and in Northern Ireland they are legal and their use protected.

‘The failure of the Northern Ireland Assembly to take urgent and decisive action to ban the use of snares is completely unacceptable’ Party spokesperson Lily Kerr says,

‘There is no evidence that these medieval, barbaric devices are required by the farming community and the suffering that they inflict on both wild and domestic animals has been well documented by animal and wildlife charities’ she said

‘Since it is not possible to regulate the use of snares a complete ban on the use and sale of snares is the only way to end this cruel and unnecessary practice.’, Lily said

A recent opinion poll found that 74% of those surveyed in Northern Ireland think snares should be banned.

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