Lineker’s comments ‘spot on’ – Lily Kerr


‘Gary Lineker should be applauded – not hounded by social media and the press’

Workers Party representative Lily Kerr has come to the defence of football commentator Gary Lineker who is being subjected to on-line and media abuse for comments he made in support of refugees.

Commenting on the way in which young refugees arriving from Calais are being treated, Lineker said
‘The treatment by some towards these young refugees is hideously racist and utterly heartless’ 
Lily Kerr, who earlier this week debated this issue on Radio Ulster’s ‘Talkback’ programme said ” Gary Linekers comments are absolutely spot on and he should be applauded not hounded on social media and attacked in the press”.
The use of descriptions like ‘The Jungle‘, to describe the refugee camp at Calais and calls for refugees to have their teeth checked to ascertain their age are obscene, offensive and racist. Gary is right”, she said.
‘Level playing field

The problem is further compounded by media reporting which would have us believe that all arguments and points of view are equal, that it is a level playing field and people are entitled to their opinions”, Lily said

“That approach might give media pundits and presenters the pretense of a discussion, but the harsh reality is that not all views are equal or acceptable. People who want to examine refugees teeth are racists. Their argument is racist and to excuse their attitudes by claiming ‘ balance in the debate’ is not only unhelpful but is creating a space for these type of bigoted and xenophobic rants to be aired”, Lily concluded.

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