Ombudsman investigation must be ‘thorough and open’


Ombudsman investigation must be given full support

The Workers Party has called for an open and thorough investigation in to the death of Gerard McMahon who died yesterday.

While the events surrounding Mr McMahon’s death are not yet clear, it is known that CS spray and physical restraint were both employed  during  the incident.

If CS spray is found to be the cause, or a contributory factor, in  Mr McMahon’s death or, as in the recent case of Eric Garner in New York, the method of restraint was responsible, it would be imperative  that the use of CS spray  and methods of physical restraint are revised to ensure that life is not put at risk

The Ombudsman must be given full support and access to officers, witnesses and information relating to the incident and the PSNI act on any recommendations that may be made.

The  Party extends its condolences to Mr McMahon’s family at this time.

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