Show your faces and explain yourselves – says Bailie

Chris Bailie

‘Identify yourselves and justify your actions’ Bailie

Local Workers Party representative Chris Bailie has condemned the threats made against Housing Executive contractors in the New Lodge area and has challenged those responsible to say who they are, explain exactly what they are threatening and what they think it will achieve.

“Despite ceasefires,  The Good Friday and other agreements and an unambiguous rejection of violence by an overwhelming majority of people here, there are still  some people who lurk in the shadows, threaten violence, disrupt the community and attempt to terrorise working people.
I am calling on them  to publicly identify themselves and justify their actions. The reality is that they won’t because there is no justification for what they do. Neither is there any support. As with other forms of violent actions and threats  a united community response which rejects these people once and for all is the best and only lasting response”, Chris said

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