A woman’s right to choose

Rally for Choice.jpg

Party members take part in the ‘Rally for Choice’

‘Rally for Choice’

Northern Ireland is still dominated by socially conservative voices and  they are having an adverse and traumatising effect on local women. That was the clear message  as thousands of people marched though Belfast yesterday demanding legislation which would secure a woman’s right to have choices and control of her own fertility.

The Workers Party recognises that women have the right to control their own bodies, including their fertility, and to pursue all reproductive choices. We highlighted the introduction of a ‘Woman’s Right to Choose’ legislation as one of the ten priorities the new Assembly should address in it’s first 100 days.
The Party also supports a full programme of secular sex education for schools, free access to contraception, proper health and social care for pregnant women, including specialist care for those women who chose to carry to  term pregnancies where fatal foetal abnormalities are present, the provision of appropriate free and quality child care facilities and adequate support for single and low income parents. 

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