Class is at the centre of the EU debate

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The EU serves the interests of big business, multi national corporations and the financial institutions

In an eve of poll statement Workers Party President Michael Donnelly has said that the major issue in the referendum campaign is the class character of the European Union and its institutions.

“The European Union serves the interests of big business, multinational corporations and the financial institutions. its policies have made the rich richer and the poor poorer.”, Mr Donnelly said

“For 40 years the EU has embarked on a coordinated programme of denationalising industries, privatising the public sector, deregulating markets, dismantling collective bargaining and eroding labour and fundamental rights”, he said

“It represents an ever-deepening corporate project of austerity, privatisation, ‘competitiveness’ and ‘flexibility’ which results in mass unemployment and under-employment, growing poverty, increasing inequality and the destruction of public healthcare and social services”, said Mr Donnelly.

“The European Union has also become increasingly militarised”, said Mr Donnelly. “The ‘Common Security and Defence Policy’ is a device for increasing armament production and a mechanism for political and military intervention in and beyond the EU.   It has taken part in imperialist wars in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya together with the US and NATO and has been deeply involved in creating the crisis in Ukraine”.

“The Workers Party urges workers to vote Leave in the interests of their class and their future. For a principled, socialist Lexit – Vote Leave on 23 June”, Mr Donnelly concluded.

Read Micheal Donnelly’s statement here:Workers Party EU eve of poll statement

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