Your vote can and will make a difference


This election is about the failure and the refusal of the Executive Parties, in particular, to bring forward and implement the political, social and economic legislation to allow progress, stability and an improved quality of life for all.

This election is an opportunity to pass judgement on the record of those parties which have been running the Assembly and the Executive for the past five years.

It is an opportunity to confront and condemn their joint programme of reductions in public services, continuing austerity measures and cuts to social welfare under the guise of welfare reform.

The election will also be an opportunity to vote against the introduction of water charges, the run-down of health and social care services, tax breaks for big businesses, the sell-off of public assets, the planned rise in university tuition fees, continued discrimination  against women, the refusal to legislate for same sex marriage, the ongoing damage to the environment and the continuance of the  Executive’s self-serving agenda – all of which are certain to be features of the new Assembly if the same old parties are returned to power.

On May 5th The Workers Party will be offering  an alternative to austerity, cuts, regressive social policy and inequality.

Your vote can and will make a difference.

Message of support from Greek Communist Party (KKE)

The Communist Party of Greece has sent a strong message of support to the Workers Party, expressing its solidarity with and full support to the Workers Party of Ireland (WPI) regarding the assembly elections in Northern Ireland …” The KKE noted that the Workers Party was exposing the plans of those political forces serving the interests of big business and stated that the Workers Party was the force standing against the anti-people political line supported by the parties of bourgeois management, the DUP, UUP, Sinn Fein, the SDLP etc. 

 The KKE stated that the coalition government in Northern Ireland has faithfully implemented the anti-people political line of the British government and the EU which attacks the rights and the income of workers and which promotes privatization. The KKE noted particularly that Sinn Fein, a party like SYRIZA, i.e. new style social-democracy, has also demonstrated its form as regards the implementation of these policies which are against the interests of the people.

 The KKE highlighted the Workers Party’s opposition to this political direction and to the strategy of capital, exposing the true character of the EU which is destroying labour and social security rights, keeping salaries and pensions at low levels and which transforms healthcare into a commodity. It emphasizes the WP’s resistance to attempts to divide the working class and to expose the real enemy, capitalism, the monopolies and their power.

 The full statement of the KKE can be read on the main Workers Party  website.

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