Large Party turn out for May Day Parade


Standing Against Austerity on May Day

West Belfast Assembly candidate Conor Campbell headed up a large Workers Party contingent at this year’s May Day parade.

“It is heartening to see this kind of turn out and also the level of opposition to austerity and the failure of the last Assembly, which was quite evident here today”, Conor said .

“It will be important that people now register that opposition  by voting for Workers Party candidates and, after that,any other  parties who are genuinely opposed to the Sinn Fein/ DUP coalition and their austerity agenda”, he added

“It will be just as important after polling day to continue to focus on the austerity agenda, the parties who promote it and the vicious consequences it has for working people, their families and the most vulnerable in our society. The Workers Party will not be found wanting” Conor concluded.





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