Party welcomes ‘UNISON Manifesto’


Lily Kerr criticised those Assembly parties which gave tax breaks to big business while children queued at foodbanks

The Workers Party has congratulated the trade union UNISON on the production of its Assembly Manifesto, calling it a ‘socialist assessment of life and politics in Northern Ireland’ .

UNISON launched its manifesto at a hustings event for its members earlier today. On a panel comprised of all the main Northern Ireland parties, the Workers Party was represented by its South Belfast candidate, Lily Kerr .

During the hustings debate Lily set out the case against the privatisation of the health service and other public services, criticised the Assembly’s refusal to abolish Zero Hours Contracts and  warned of the pending crisis which will follow in the wake of the full effects of ‘welfare reform’ – today’s figures on the increasing number of people being forced to use food banks being just one indicator of that.

‘I am calling on trade unionists, in particular, to give their vote only to candidates and parties which support the UNISON manifesto, are publicly opposed to the privatisation of public services, which trust women to make their own decisions and which stand against austerity and lowering corporation tax for big business while children and families go hungry’, Lily said

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