Conor Campbell launches West Belfast campaign

Conor Campbell Belfast West Workers Party

Conor Campbell: Standing Against Austerity

Conor Campbell launched his Assembly election campaign this evening with a constituency rally in Upper Springfield.

Conor will be contesting his first election in the West Belfast seat and represents one of a new generation of Workers Party candidates.

Singling out austerity as the focus of the Party’s  election campaign Conor said, ‘This election is important because we are still in the grip of a Sinn Fein / DUP austerity programme.

There will further savage cuts to public services, to people’s pay and conditions and to access to education at all levels from pre-school to university’.

‘A socialist programme of publicly funded investment, development and growth is the alternative to austerity and to the cuts imposed by the Stormont Coalition’, said Conor.

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