Hugh Scullion launches Mid Ulster campaign

launch 2

Proud to present the socialist alternative


Workers Party candidate Hugh Scullion officially launched his Mid Ulster election camapign at a meeting in Magherafelt this evening.

Hugh began by thanking the Mid Ulster Trades Council for their support and for their formal endorsement of his candidacy.

Setting out the Party’s political programme Hugh said,

‘I want to live in a society which is anti- sectarian. I want an education system that is secular and publicly funded. I want women to be trusted to make their own decisions and I want racism and homophobia to be challenged and confronted at every turn.

‘I want a society which values people above profit, a society which uses all its resources to protect, encourage, develop and enhance its citizens and their environment. I want a socialist society. The Workers Party wants a socialist society and I am proud to take that stand in this election in Mid Ulster‘, he said

He then went on to highlight the Party’s policies on agriculture and rural development. stressing the need to target farm safety, review rural planning rules and the Party’s opposition to fracking and all forms of environmentally damaging exploration.

Urging a large turn out against  the Sinn Fein / DUP Coalition policies of austerity and cuts Hugh said ‘  A wasted vote is a vote for the same again. A wasted vote is voting for the major parties in the Assembly – and then expecting that something different will happen. That is a wasted vote’.


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