Assembly Election Candidates

Group 5The Workers Party will be standing five candidates in May’s Assembly Elections.

Conor Campbell will be standing in West Belfast, Damien Harte in Upper Bann, the Party’s candidates in South Belfast will be Lily Kerr, Hugh Scullion in Mid Ulster and Gemma Weir in North Belfast.

In a joint statement the candidates said,

“This election is not about the European Union – although the major parties here will want to turn it into a pre- referendum debate to divert attention away from their collective record over the past five years.

This election is about the failure and the refusal of the Executive Parties, in particular, to bring forward and implement the political, social and economic legislation to allow progress, stability and an improved quality of life for all.

This election is an opportunity to pass judgement on the record of those parties which have been running the Assembly and the Executive for the past five years.It is an opportunity to confront and condemn their joint programme of reductions in public services, continued austerity measures and cuts to social welfare under the guise of welfare reform.

On May 5th The Workers Party will be offering the electorate an alternative to austerity, cuts, social backwardness and inequality.


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