Assembly must call Economic Summit


Jobs and skills must be retained

The loss of more than 1,000 jobs at the Bombardier plant in Belfast has been described by the Workers Party as

‘…a further blow to Northern Ireland’s manufacturing base and evidence, if it was needed, that the Assembly has no viable  job creation programme to secure existing jobs and expand the economy’

“This announcement comes in the wake of major job losses in Ballymena and elsewhere marking a rapid decline in Northern Ireland’s manufacturing base”, the statement said.

‘The Assembly has no plan to address these job losses. The First and Deputy First Ministers and a string of MLAs are lining up to say how terrible it is but have no proposals to address the situation.

Not only must jobs be secured and defended but the skills that go with them must be protected and retained in Northern Ireland.

Economic Summit                                                                                                    It is now time for an Economic Summit  involving  the NI Executive, the trade union movement, employers and broader civic society to address and develop an economic and job creation plan for Northern Ireland.

The alternative offered by the Assembly is to sit on its hands and watch jobs, skills and manufacturing know-how haemorrhage away’


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