Trust Women

The Assembly does not trust women

The Assembly does not trust women

The Workers Party has expressed its ‘bitter disappointment’ at last night’s vote in the Assembly and the decision not to permit the termination of a pregnancy in cases of foetal  abnormality.

“This is much more than maintaining the status quo, it represents a major step backwards in social policy and a complete dismissal of the rights of women to make their own choices”, the statement said.

“It is quite clear that Northern Ireland is still dominated by socially conservative voices and that these are having an adverse and traumatising effect on local women.

The DUP proposal to establish a commission does nothing but push this debate to the other side of election day and prolong the suffering and anguish of women and their partners”

“We will all have an opportunity to express our views on this and similar issues in the Assembly elections on May 5th. No one should vote for a candidate or a Party that does not trust women”, the statement concluded



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