Lurgan violence ‘an assault on the community’

Recent violence an assault on the community

Recent violence an assault on the community

Damien Harte, Workers Party representative in the Upper Bann constituency, has condemned the recent violence in the Lurgan area as “pointless, destructive and a blatant attack on the community”.

Speaking after several days of disruption caused by suspect devices on the Belfast – Dublin railway line, petrol bombing, rioting and armed attacks on the police Damien said,

“…there is absolutely no justification for the events which have unfolded in recent days. The community has been disrupted, working people have been intimidated,  property has been destroyed and guns have been brought onto the streets”.

” There was never any justification for this type of behaviour there is certainly none now. Those who orchestrated these assaults are  bankrupt – politically and morally. They have nothing to offer, no contribution to make and deal only in death and destruction. They are neither needed nor wanted”.

“They need to hear that message loud and clear and repeatedly from the community right across this area” Damien said.


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