Magenniss’s legacy overshadowed

Alban Gemma1

Legacy overshadowed by attitudes to marriage equality and a woman’s right to choose – Weir

Workers Party representative in North Belfast, Gemma Weir, has wished Alban Magenniss well following his announcement that he will not be standing again in next May’s Assembly elections.

“I wish Alban well”, Gemma said. “For over three decades he has been an elected representative and a strong advocate for civil liberties and social justice.”

“Unfortunately this did not extend to supporting a woman’s right to choose, nor did he recognise the rights of same sex couples to legal and social equality,” Gemma noted.

“Despite his long record as a public representative in this area, Alban’s legacy will be forever overshadowed by his opposition to the Marie Stopes Clinic, to a women’s right to choose and by his refusal to support marriage equality in Northern Ireland”, Gemma concluded.

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