Bombing Syria is not the solution


Bombing Syria is no solution

David Cameron has now got the  war he wanted. That war and intervention in Syria are clearly the agenda of the US, the EU and NATO.

The MPs who voted for war should now be prepared to ponder the consequences of  civilian deaths and  injuries, the destruction of Syria, the mass displacement of peoples, the escalation of war in the region and the inevitable retaliatory actions on British streets.

The lessons of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have not been learnt. US, NATO and UK interventions and bombings  are no solution.

The US has bombed Syria since September 2014 in violation of international law and with limited impact on terrorist groups.The UK parliament’s decision to join in the bombing in Syria will make little additional impact on  Islamic State forces but will contribute to the alternative agenda – the overthrow of the Syrian  Government.

What would make a difference to the capacity of Islamic State forces would be to cut off its sources of funding  halt its sale of oil , its supply of weapons and to expose the support it receives from a number of countries including the governments of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.


Saturday 5 December 3pm Belfast City Hall



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